Charge for the Future – Public Transport with Zero Emissions

TGOOD has constructed about 18,000 charging terminals for public bus systems which underlines the position as largest bus charging solution provider in the world.

By supplying the newest electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, most advanced technologies and customized solutions, TGOOD supports the sustainable development in public transportation with zero emissions, pursuing green and energy-saving.

The diversified portfolio comprises individual DC fast chargers, pantograph and innovative group charging systems which fully satisfy the requirements of bus companies. Customers extol the innovative solutions: “Due to the realization of fast charging and the long battery life time, TGOOD helps us to prepare for the future”, a Chinese customer, who installed 36 charging stations to serve 800 buses, stated.

The intelligent EV group charging system integrates all necessary components into one substation to charge up to 50 buses at the same time. It not only reduces the CAPEX, but also improves the charging efficiency. Apart from that, the equipped real-time monitoring system collects information about energy management and fault diagnosis for vehicles, chargers and stations.

By charging 40 seconds, the buses already reach a range of up to 10 kilometers. Apart from AC/DC chargers, TGOOD applies pantograph into the public bus system which realizes fast charging and truly unmanned operation in the modern society.


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