Energy Management

We help to create a green power future by enabling - the fast adoption of E-Mobility, and - the maximum use of renewable energy

Energy Storage for Utility, Industrial, and Residential Applications

A completely new and revolutionary battery technology, developed by TGOOD’s partner DESTEN Group, allows us to offer packaged storage solutions with unprecedented performance in energy and power density, as well as in life cycle time and cost. Through an exclusive Joint Venture with DESTEN for the world-wide power and EV charging markets, we are able to customize batteries specifically for each application. For example, by using a battery type with a discharge rate at multiple times of what is available today, we are designing a modular, high-power charging solution that enables Charge Point Operators to offer fast charging stations anywhere, independent from the local power grid situation.

MicroGrid Energy Management

TGOOD operates the largest electric vehicle charging and MicroGrid system in the world, managing electric vehicle charging, stationary energy storage and renewable energy sources, all connected to the grid. Using bi-directional charging, all car and stationary batteries together form an immensely large “distributed battery”. For the first time, this type of energy storage allows the grid to access considerably more renewable energy from wind and solar and thus provide e-mobility with really clean energy. Our cloud-based, AI-supported network-management system has accumulated vast experience and is constantly being optimized through its access to “big data”. We can now take advantage of this expertise to develop tailor-made solutions together with charge point and grid operators.

TGOOD: A Unique Value Chain

Adding all of the above to our core competency of packaged power distribution solutions, we now offer an unparalleled range of solutions to clients world-wide. 

Having all products, systems and solutions in-house, customers benefit greatly from dealing only with one highly focused specialist for their needs in 
  • power distribution,
  • energy storage,
  • electric vehicle charging, and
  • advanced energy management
Our own, well established subsidiaries in the main regions of the world allow us to work directly and closely with our clients to solve their challenges.