TGOOD offers a full suite of dry type, oil filled, and amorphous alloy core transformers as part of our prefabricated substation solutions. TGOOD transformers utilize cutting edge technology to reduce energy consumption and eliminate routine maintenance.

A Full Suite of Transformers to Meet Specialized Project Requirements

TGOOD’s E-Houses and modular high and medium voltage components are pre-manufactured in-house to drastically reduce delivery and installation times. As a world leader in E-House technology, we deliver thousands of units annually to meet the demands of customers and projects around the globe.

Product Overview

  • Dry type, oil filled, amorphous alloy core, and padmount transformers.
  • Rated capacity 10kVA to 31,500kVA.
  • Primary voltage 4160V to 35kV.
  • Secondary voltage 120V to 10kV.
  • Best-in-class lead times measured in weeks, not months.
  • Built and tested to IEC and relevant European safety standards.

Transformer Types

Dry Type Transformers
  • Coil encased in epoxy resin.
  • Cold-rolled silicon electrical steel core.
  • Non-flammable and non-explosive design ideal for Oil and Gas and Coal Mining applications.
Oil Filled Transformers
  • Integral part of power distribution networks; also an ideal choice for wind power generation projects.
  • Cold-rolled silicon electrical steel core.
  • Conservator tanks available.
  • Fan cooled configurations available.
Amorphous Alloy Core Transformers
  • Oil cooled design.
  • Fully sealed structure reduces maintenance and prolongs life.
  • Manufactured under vacuum to completely eliminate air bubbles.
  • Low voltage winding utilizes copper foil to increase short-circuit withstand time.
Padmount Transformers
  • Integral part of power distribution networks, also an ideal choice for wind power generation projects.
  • Superior overload capabilities allow transformer to operate for 2 hours under 1.6x overload and 90 minutes under 2x overload.
  • Affordable dual protection-fuse design: one plug-in fuse to manage overload and one standby fuse to manage short circuit.