TGOOD 252kV Modular Substation: Powerfully Enters Electric Market

As a global leader in prefabricated substations, TGOOD recently launches the innovative new solutions in the global electric market—252kV modular substations.

Based on more than ten years’ solid foundation in the research, development and manufacturing of E-house and prefabricated substation, TGOOD has already achieved more than 300 patents and over 7000 sets annual delivery of E-house and prefabricated substations. All these progresses cannot stop TGOOD to listening customers’ voice and identifying the pain points in their daily job.

Market analysis and customers feedback revealed that existing outdoor GIS application at high voltage level has frequent failures like leakage, rust, and malfunction, which can cause long time power-off and dramatic economic losses. The root cause is the harsh operation environment, such as exposure in long time’s sunshine, high and low temperature, heavy rain and wind, corrosion, etc. Therefore, create a good operation environment is an effective remedy to tackle those issues. TGOOD’s 252kV modular substation makes HV GIS operation from outdoor to indoor.

TGOOD 252kV modular substation is the ideal of fast-tracking power to grid. Its modular design and precise positioning technology have brought convenience for pre-assembly, manufacturing, transportation, on-site installation and construction, which can dramatically shorten on-site workload and total project period. The joint and sealing technology increase E-houses’ robustness, stability and operating life. In order to create constant inner environment, TGOOD has adopted Phase Change Material (“PCM” for short), a kind of new material, which can accommodate and provide latent heat according to the ambient to maintain the inner constant temperature in GIS house. Take 20℃ inner temperature setting as an example, when inner temperature is higher than 20℃, the PCM will absorb and store the heat to decrease its inner temperature, vice versa, when the inner temperature is lower than 20℃, the PCM will release the stored heat to maintain constant inner temperature. Comparing to outdoor HV GIS, TGOOD 252kV modular substation has an effective protection. Therefore, it can prolong its operation life and enhance the stability and reliability.


As for after-sales support, TGOOD has subsidiaries in Germany, Australia, Middle East, Central Asia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mexico, Canada and Russia, which ensure fast response for customers worldwide.

252kV modular substations will be manufactured in TGOOD Qingdao, which is a Sino-German joint venture, combined with Germany technics and Chinese factory. This launching makes TGOOD serve global customers better by providing more comprehensive solutions.

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