TGOOD Australia is currently on the road giving their customers an onsite, hands-on experience of our new TGS Ring Main Unit (RMU), showing them personally how well this solution fulfils their specific requirements.

TGOOD’s TGS RMU provides a new solution which can be customised to meet technical and project specifications of energy markets world-wide.

TGS is a medium voltage, gas-insulated Ring Main Unit that is rated up to 24kV, 630 A, 20kA /3s, 25kA/1s. It is designed for secondary distribution applications, manufactured to IEC 62271-200 and complies with relevant standards.

The unit’s compact size makes it easy to install in a range of environments. It can operate indoors or be enclosed in a TGOOD outdoor enclosure or transformer kiosk.

The TGOOD TGS RMU is robust. With a service life of 30 years without maintenance, the unit offers a simple, reliable quality system, which meets your power distribution requirements.

Talk to your regional TGOOD office to find out more!

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