TGOOD Australia launches engineering graduate program


The TGOOD presence in the Australian market continues to grow.  Another Milestone for the TGOOD team is the launch of their new graduate program which comprises of a three-year development program across all disciplines including sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing and project management.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch this new graduate program, TGOOD is focused on investing in and creating job opportunities for university graduates in Australia.” said CEO Chris Ball.

“TGOOD graduates will be challenged with a wide variety of projects and hold accountabilities that will position them with a head start in the development of their electrical engineering careers.

“TGOOD’s graduates will have a local Australian focus, yet be supported and closely integrated into our German design teams and Chinese manufacturing facilities. The TGOOD graduate program offers job security and exceptional opportunities for career development in a global business”, said Chris.

TGOOD Australia welcomed our first Electrical Engineering GraduateWenshuo (Vincent) Zhang to the company in April as part of our 2017 TGOOD Graduate Development Program.

Vincent holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Automation (Hons) and recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a Master of Engineering Science (Management) in the field of Electrical Engineering Research direction- Power System. Vincent brings a wide variety of skills and enthusiasm for HV power systems.

“TGOOD Australia will continue to expand the graduate program, employing further electrical engineering graduates who are passionate about pursuing a career in medium and high voltage power systems and modular building solutions”, said Chris.

About TGOOD Australia

TGOOD Australia is a subsidiary of TGOOD Global. TGOOD was founded in 2004 by a forward-thinking team of German and Chinese engineers.

TGOOD has grown to become a world leader in power products and distribution solutions providing prefabricated Substations and E-House systems.

TGOOD provides ENERGY FAST, as a fully integrated power products manufacturer focusing on energy transmission and distribution solutions.

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