TGOOD’s Values Shining through the COVID-19 Crisis

In March the world slowed and focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Most industries and enterprises were forced to stop with 80% projects being delayed for an indefinite period. 

The end of March marked an improving situation in China and proving its slogan “Energy, Fast!”  TGOOD resumed full manufacturing capability to ensure that the TGOOD Global projects are delivered as early as possible to reduce time lost in these unprecedented times. 

Some projects to mention in this ramp up included:

  • Multiple 33kV prefabricated substations for Zimbabwe
  • Singapore’s 69kV high-voltage substation for a critical LNG operation
  • Solar collector substations in South East Asia
  • 132kV substations for utility customers in Australia
  • Multiple 110kV and solar projects in Russia and Central Asia where TGOOD has continued to successfully delivery as the EPC. 
  • 132/11kV Substation for Australian Mining company

All of these example projects have again demonstrated TGOOD’s key benefits of prefabrication and modularity. Again reducing site work and continuing factory operations to manufacture, assemble, test before leaving the factory. 

In 2004, TGOOD developed the strategy of having manufacturing base in China and providing international quality to its customers worldwide. It enables TGOOD to help customers around the world to resume construction projects as soon as possible even during the global crisis of COVID-19.

In the epidemic period, TGOOD prefabricated substation solutions help to keep on site work to a minimum and reduce the risk of project delays due to uncertain site conditions and restrictions. 


TGOOD: Founded in 2004 by a forward-thinking team of German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD has grown to become a world leader in E-house systems and EV charging system. Over the past decade, we have provided prefabricated Substation and E-house systems for projects in some of the world’s most remote locations and inhospitable operating environments. TGOOD Global has 13 subsidiaries in 7 regions including local engineering hubs to ensure best in class. Centralised manufacturing combine with regional engineering and customer understanding. 

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