The First Application of a Smart Charging Solution

The TGOOD pantograph has been officially put into operation on the 20th Apr. 2018 in Shanghai. The solution is self-developed by TGOOD and achieves the unattended operation during the whole charging process from smart parking over automatic connection and vehicle identification to the cloud platform monitoring. Industry experts believe that the pantograph is the perfect solution for driverless public transportation in the future.

The pantograph features the characteristics of flexible charging, customized solutions and compact construction. The charging system can distribute the power according to the charging demands. It only takes 8 mins to fully charge a bus with the maximum charging power of 600kW. To be highly cost effective but charge more at the same time, the solutions can be designed according to the actual customer needs and the required parking time. The compact solution is with 4.5m in height an excellent city solution as it does not disturb the regular traffic flow.

After the smooth operation in the past weeks, users are surprised at the high-efficiency and fast charging of the TGOOD pantograph. Based on the flexible and innovative charging solutions, TGOOD believes the smart application will be widely used in more cities in the future.

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