Technology Plus Chinese Manufacture

At 11:00 PM of August 14th, a new designed prefabricated substation of TGOOD has successfully passed Internal Arc Classification test, which is another amazing achievement of Sino-German collaboration in globalized R&D strategy.

TGOOD’s globalization strategy has been planned since 2014, as a consequence of the strategy, TGGE, a subsidiary of TGOOD has been built up focusing on the research and development of new products and technology. 

The new designed prefabricated substation, named TDK with rating of 12kV 750kVA, as one of the outputs of joint R&D, integrates both German technology and Chinese manufacturing capability, features extremely low height, modularization, environmental protection, high-efficient ventilation, compactness, ease manufacture and outstanding anti-combustion arc. It makes offer can be widely used in utility, building, industry and infrastructure field.

TGOOD is on the road of globalized R&D under the collaboration with TGGE and overseas subsidiaries, embracing success of globalization strategy.

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