2016 TGOOD Electric 1st Annual Work Conference


On Saturday 16th Qingdao TGOOD Electric Group brought all the senior management and outstanding staff members together from all the subsidiaries across China to meet with the headquarter staff as part of Qingdao TGOOD Electric’s 1st annual work conference held at the Headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

Everybody was given the opportunity to walkthrough the New Energy Science and Technology museum before the Conference started. CEO Mr Qu Dongming, opened the conference giving a look back at 2015 and how TGOOD will continue to grow in 2016. Awards were then presented to the outstanding members of staff from across all the subsidiaries for their performance and dedication to the company and its vision. President Dr Siegfried Ruhland followed with a review of the domestic and global market and the outlined the strategy to approach them. Concluding the conference Mr Yu Dexiang, the Qingdao TGOOD Electric Chairman, provided his New Year blessing with the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Monkey.

This was the first time Qingdao TGOOD Electric had the chance to bring together so many of the senior management from across all the subsidiaries to help celebrate the phenomenal growth of the company in 2015 that shows no sign of it slowing down into 2016.

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