Brunstock power solutions partnership

Dear industry colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that TGOOD Global has partnered with, and is now representing, the Brunstock brand in our international markets. At TGOOD we have been known for our vertically integrated substation solutions. Our multi-disciplined engineering teams, around the world, are focused on delivering packaged substation solutions needed for the rapid energy transition that is underway.

As product innovation and new technology emerges to meet this transition, TGOOD Global has partnered with Brunstock to deliver advanced environmentally friendly power products. This includes a market-leading range of SF6-free power systems and environmentally friendly power transformers.

Step-up substations available international power solutions

Around the world, multiple industries are experiencing dramatic supply chain shortages in power transformers and step-up transformer substations. With the Brunstock portfolio added to our existing TGOOD offering, I am very excited to announce new solutions for both step-up transformers and power transformers up to 220kV. As you have come to expect, from the TGOOD team, we are challenging the norm and providing our customers with the best lead-times in the industry.

The Brunstock brand, originating in Switzerland, has partnered with manufacturers around the world to bring these exciting solutions to the market. I would like to thank the Brunstock team in trusting TGOOD Global to work with our customers, across the globe, to deliver their innovative power systems into utilities, renewables, mining and infrastructure projects.

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Chris Ball, electrical power systems expert

Chris Ball
Chief Sales Officer, TGOOD Global Ltd

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