Eminent Visit at TGOOD, the Leader in New Energy Management

On the 26th April 2018, TGOOD was honored to welcome Wesly Simina, the president of the Federated States of Micronesia, as well as representatives of Chinese officials. They experienced an unforgettable and delightful visit to TGOOD`s New Energy Eco-Technology Museum, the largest museum of electric vehicle (EV) charging and microgrid. 


Micronesia, consisting of thousands of small islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, is rich in solar and water resources, which makes the full use of renewable resources highly important for their sustainable development in the future. During the exhibition visit, President Simina showed great interest in TGOOD`s electric vehicle (EV) charging system and microgrid solution. 


The intelligent EV group charging system is developed based on the mature technology of prefabricated substations. Compared to traditional charging solutions, TGOOD has integrated all electric components into the substation. By achieving that, the investment costs for the whole power station are reduced significantly. Moreover, the delegation was impressed by TGOOD`s cloud platform, which monitors real-time charging information, and controls the status of vehicles, chargers and the used power.

For the microgrid solution, EVs are the key part of energy storage as the replenishment of traditional power generation. TGOOD has already realized the microgrid solution into practice for the industrial park in Qingdao, where photovoltaic is used to directly charge cars. 

TGOOD is always at the forefront of renewable energy management. We invest large scales of energy and money to develop innovative solutions for the most effective utilization of new energy.

TGOOD: Founded in 2004 by a forward-thinking team of German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD has grown to become a world leader in E-house systems and the biggest of EV charging system provider. Over the past decade, TGOOD has provided prefabricated substation and E-house systems for projects in some of the world’s most remote locations and inhospitable operation environments.

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