Fruitful Mechanical Drawing Training

The two-week mechanical drawing training conducted by TGOOD Germany has come to the end on 15th December.

To improve TGOOD’s drawing quality and deliverable image, Mr. Raimund and Mr. Andrzej, from TGOOD Germany, a subsidiary of TGOOD, carried out the training especially in ISO standards requirement and standardized format to 25 trainee from R&D, business units, ICC and CCK as a pilot action.

All trainees said that it is a truly fruitful training beyond their expectation, they would go back with full harvest and deliver what they learnt to their colleagues.

Miss Yang, from HV business unit, expressed her feeling after the training, “I have a clear understanding of global customers’ requirements especially in mechanical drawings now, furthermore, I’m impressed on their rigorous attitude of working, taking an example, once Mr. Andrzej wanted show us the key groove’s definition of ISO standards, we all think it is impossible in such limited time because the standard has more than 1000 pages, but he has successfully spotted it within 3 minutes, really surprised us.” Two colleagues from CCK also gave the feedback that it is their first time to attend such kind of professional mechanical drawing training, really impressive! They will transfer the information to CCK to let more colleagues know about it as well.

This training is the first activity of drawing quality improvement. Both business units and factories would use ISO standards and standardized format in mechanical drawings from Jan 1st, 2018.


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