TGOOD accumulates an abundant know-how in solar and wind farm applications. From the power generation over the step-up to the connection of the grid, its prefabricated and modular substations lead to shortened on-site workload and reduce the project execution time immensely.
HV/MV modular solar substation connected to the grid.
TGOOD 36kV modular substation on river in a solar project.
Prefabricated step-up substation widely used in solar farm.
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TGOOD provides split and integrated step-up substations for solar and wind farms which consist of DC panels, invertors, step-up transformers, and medium voltage switchgears of up to 36kV. 

For the connection of the grid, TGOOD offers innovative modular substations that equip: 

  • Power transformers 
  • HV GIS up to 252kV 3150A 40kA 
  • MV switchgears up to 36kV 2500A 40kA 
  • Substation automation


  • TGOOD prefabricated step-up substations reduce construction time and guarantee the compliance with the project schedule 
  • TGOOD provides the fastest delivery time 
  • The factory pre-assembly and pre-commissioning decrease on-site workload 
  • Concepts are proven to operate in harsh environments and the unique enclosure design secures the lift time 
  • Flexible solutions are used for diversified applications, and different scales