TGOOD offers comprehensive solutions, systems and services for diversified applications in high, medium and low voltage power distribution networks. Its leading technology in modular substations up to 252kV surpasses the expectations of efficiency, safety and reliability.
Eco-designed and compact solution in cities.
Cost-effective HGIS used in rural area.
Flexible modular substation solutions meet all requests of utility.
TGOOD trailer substation widely used in emergency power supply.
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TGOOD offers modular substations, trailer substations and switchgears that integrate diversified equipment: 

  • HV GIS up to 145/252kV, 3150/4000A, 40/50kA 
  • MV switchgear up to 36kV 2500A 40kA 
  • Power and distribution transformer 
  • Compensation equipment or SVG 
  • Automation and control panels


  • Modular and prefabricated substations reduce the total project time to 6 months 
  • Due to compact footprint and modular design, the substations can be installed in crowded areas with limited space 
  • Noise proof technology and good-looking appearance make it an ideal urban solution 
  • Factory pre-assembly and pre-commissioning secure