TGOOD 220kV Substation Boosts Offshore Green Energy

TGOOD delivered 220kV offshore booster prefabricated substation from factory within 139 days. Prefabricated substation solution greatly shortened the construction period, optimized the overall cost and enhanced safety. 

TGOOD offshore booster prefabricated substation is about 40m*40m*24m in dimensions, with an overall weight of 2,550 tons, serving for the offshore windfarm with a total installed capacity of 245MW, an estimated annual power generation capacity of 750M KWh, saving 260,000 tons coal and reducing 433,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

With several months successful running, customers are highly commented on TGOOD fast delivery, flexible solution, and sincere prompt service all the time.


TGOOD: Founded in 2004 by a forward-thinking team of German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD has grown to become a world leader in E-house systems and EV charging system. Over the past decade, TGOOD has provided prefabricated Substation and E-house systems for projects in some of the world’s most remote locations and inhospitable operating environments. TGOOD Global has 13 subsidiaries in 7 regions including local engineering hubs, centralized manufacturing combining with regional engineering and customer understanding ensure best in class. 

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