TGOOD Has Launched Their 40.5kV Primary GIS in the Global Market

As the market leader of global prefabricated substations, TGOOD launched its new product in the global market on June 7th, 2022. TGP-40.5, the new addition to TGOOD’s portfolio, adopts gas insulation technology and owns 56 patents which are related to temperature management, operational safety and reliability. It is a joint-development between TGOOD China and TGOOD Germany and brings advantages in compactness, high performance and cost optimization. 

This TGP-40.5 is based on an IPD design concept and reaches a performance of up to 40.5kV 4000A busbar current and 31.5kA 4s short-circuit withstand current. The product has two standardized panel sizes, which are 600mm and 800mm. Its compact footprint, one sixth of air insulated switchgear, can reduce space requirements significantly, which is also a big contribution to the overall size of TGOOD e-houses. 

TGP-40.5, categorized as medium voltage switchgear and applied in the power transmission and distribution network, has broad applications in renewable wind farms and solar farms, utility, oil & gas, mining, commercial and industry, as well as airports and railways. Thanks to its totally sealed gas tank, which contains major high voltage electric components, TGP-40.5 requires less maintenance and can be installed in harsh environments such as higher altitudes, and under dusty, dry and wet conditions. Its patented gas tank replacement technology makes site service easy and convenient, as well as its improved power supply continuity.
TGOOD invested in new facilities in its centralized manufacturing base to secure high product quality, including a new generation of gas tank welding robot, leakage detection equipment and a metal sheet working robot. With more than a one year pilot run and 1000+ units delivery, TGP-40.5 now comes to the stage of global launching. 
TGP-40.5 is going to be introduced to its existing and new customers via TGOOD Global’s local team and partners around the world, as stated by TGOOD CSO Chris Ball, “This new product enriches our catalogue, optimizes TGOOD’s offering, provides fast delivery and is a great step to improving customer satisfaction.”
TGOOD: Founded in 2004 by a forward-thinking team of German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD has grown to become a world leader in both E-house systems and EV charging systems. Over the past decade, TGOOD has provided prefabricated Substation and E-house systems for projects in some of the world’s most remote locations and inhospitable operating environments. TGOOD Global has 13 subsidiaries in 7 regions including local engineering hubs and centralized manufacturing, which combines regional engineering and customer understanding to ensure best in class performance.

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