TGOOD’s Footprint Left in Indonesia

TGOOD Southeast Asia Sdn Bhd, one of subsidiaries of TGOOD, has officially announced that Indonesia mining project is completed successfully after receiving a joyful group photo from customers on 24th Oct.,2017.

After almost four months smoothly processing with designing, engineering and manufacturing phases, the Indonesia
 mining project has successfully shipped on 4th Auguest. TGOOD E-House and big compensator system (2 filter banks and 9 big reactor coils, designed by Chris Struthers/StruthersTech, Canada) was just fired up, energized in 11 stages.

 It’s also the first time to adopt the new three-phase four-wire system designed by TGOOD in this project. Apart from the renovation of system, the E-house is customerized design with all cables seting on the top, assembling cables together, and then put it out the E-house throught cable connection box.

After completing all installation, the customers gave their instant feedbacks, they said: “The client has just disconnected his diesel generators and powered his site trouble-free off the grid for the first time in 6 years”! With a solution that costs a fraction of the high-tech offer, and was of course up and running at a fraction of their time!

This unsurprised positive customers’ feedback is one more demostration of satisfaction of TGOOD solution and system, meanwhile, precommissioning in TGOOD factory ensured the quality of products, rapid delivery time significantly reduced the duration of total project, modular E-house concept dramatically shortened on-site construction time. TGOOD, as the global leader of prefabricated substation, always bring customers added value with customized solution and system beyond their expectations.


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