TGOOD’s Modular Substation Won Three Awards

The fifth “Gold Dot Award” Design Competition, organized by the infrastructure department of China Southern Power Grid, has officially ended recently. The competition is designed to extensive collecting the design of assembly-type, integrated and modular substations. In the end, TGOOD’s team has won three awards with excellent design and outstanding innovative features among hundreds of competitors, one of which is awarded by Qingdao TGOOD Design Institute Co., LTD, the other two are awarded together with TGOOD’s partners who have used TGOOD’s modular substations in their entries.

TGOOD’s programs are always adhering to the design principles of “3C Green”, to achieve resource conservation, and environmental optimization. The layout is compact with reasonable arrangement of cable channels, saving land resources. Prefabricated substation achieved prefabricated and modular modes, reduced on-site labor input, pollution and improved the quality and efficiency of the construction site. There are mainly containing HV, MV, secondary and comprehensive prefabricated cabins in the substation, each prefabricated cabin, as an independent function in power distribution, satisfies the demands of not only installation, transportation and commissioning, but the daily operation and easy maintenance as well.


Apart from manufacturing, TGOOD has invested much time and money in R&D as well, TGOOD endeavors to provide more values as innovative design and excellent service to exceed customers’ expectations.

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