HV Gas Insulated Switchgear

TGOOD HV GIS utilizes maintenance-free SF6 gas insulated breakers for an extremely compact and versatile switchgear solution for challenging, space-constrained projects. Our integrated, modular GIS eliminates much of the expense, complexity and cost associated with traditional GIS systems.

The High Voltage Switchgear Experts

TGOOD’s E-Houses and modular high and medium voltage components are pre-manufactured in-house to drastically reduce delivery and installation times. As a world leader in E-House technology, we deliver thousands of units annually to meet the demands of customers and projects around the globe.

Product Overview

  • High performance alternative to air insulated systems.
  • Best-in-class lead times measured in weeks, not months
  • Immune to harsh environmental conditions.
  • Sealed GIS is safe to touch and inherently arc-resistant.
  • Compact factory-pressurized modules save space and reduce cost compared to traditional GIS.
  • May be pre-assembled within a prefabricated E-House or mobile trailer-mounted substation.

Key Benefits

Proven Applications
  • Compact design ideal for space-constrained projects in crowded cities and congested industrial zones.
  • Outstanding performance in harsh environments, including high altitude, heavily polluted, coastal, desert and Arctic sites.
  • Low audible noise and electric field emissions make this product attractive for densely populated areas.

Safe, Reliable, and Low-Maintenance
  • Grounded tank design is safe to touch, no exposed voltage.
  • Completely arc-resistant.
  • Modules connected with gas-tight flanges, delivering decades of reliable operation.