HV Hybrid Gas Insulated Switchgear

TGOOD HGIS technology builds upon high voltage SF6 gas insulated breakers but incorporates air insulated busbar modules for greater affordability. HGIS results in a standalone substation component that is easy to install, has a smaller footprint than the air-insulated equivalent, and costs less than a fully gas insulated system.

Configurable Switchgear Solutions to Meet Project Needs

Compact HGIS modules may be ground supported or assembled as part of a compact substation complete with a prefabricated E-House.

Product Overview

  • For use in affordable air insulated substations, HGIS technology allows additional components to be incorporated into the SF6 gas insulated circuit breaker.
  • Optional components include current transformers, potential transformers, surge arrestors, isolation and grounding switches in a wide variety of configurations.
  • Compact prefabricated modules are ideal for expansions and retrofits within existing substation footprint.
  • May be assembled as part of a compact substation complete with a prefabricated E-House.
  • Best-in-class lead times measured in weeks, not months.
  • Highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Requires up to 70% less surface area than comparable air insulated components.
  • Easy to install, prefabricated modules allow for rapid expansion of substations.
  • Option to mount HGIS on E-House roof conserves space and simplifies construction works.
  • Installation of a single self-contained module eliminates much of the installation risks compared to multiple air insulated components.
  • Reduced number of exposed parts compared to air insulated systems, minimizing the risk of failure due to environmental conditions.
  • Smart technology enables online monitoring, data analysis and automated diagnosis to keep operation safe and reliable at all times.
  • Modules can be energized within 24 hours of delivery.